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FAQs Related to Procedure 4-02.11 Transition/Discharge Procedure

November 2, 2017


Q: Is a discharge needed when a consumer still is receiving services from LifeWays Medical Services?

A: No. The Primary Case Holder is required to transition the consumer to his or her treating Psychiatrist.

Q. If a consumer was referred to my agency but was never seen who is responsible to close assignments/case to CMH?

A. The assigned primary caseholder is responsible to provide adequate/advance notice to the consumer complete transition for and/or discharge.

Q: Can a discharge occur when there are still active authorizations?

A: No, discharge cannot occur if a consumer’s current authorizations have not been provided with adequate/advance notice. Furthermore, this reflects a lack of coordination with the treatment team.

Q: What are the timelines to complete a Discharge Summary if there is a BH-TEDS error

A: 1 business day.

Q: How can I check if my agency has any unsigned Transition or Discharge Summaries?

A: Once in LEO, under ‘Reports and Downloads,’ if you are enabled please review ‘Unsigned Document Report.’

The procedure is attached, for your reference.  Thank you.

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