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Positive Coping Post #7: Focus on joy! 😃

Positive Coping Post #7: Focus on joy! 😃

April 1, 2020

It can be hard to notice good experiences when we are in the midst of significant stress. It is also common to feel guilty about things that are going well, when we know that others may be suffering more severe hardship. However, by focusing on joyful experiences and practicing gratitude, you can significantly elevate your mood and strengthen your ability to be emotionally available for others.  

How can I practice paying attention to positive experiences?

Recognize the things in your life that are going well, no matter how small they might be. Start by listing 3 things that you are grateful for in this moment. 

Give yourself permission to see the silver lining and focus on the good. If you are feeling guilty for something that is going well for you, or some way in which you feel more fortunate than others, try to shift your guilt into gratitude.

 • Take time to savor the things that you do enjoy. Using all five of your senses, take time to relish activities that sooth you or bring you joy, even if they are as simple as breathing in fresh air, taking a warm shower, or lying still for two minutes.

Establish a regular gratitude practice. For example, every night before bed, write 3 unique things that you are grateful for or 3 parts of the day that went well, even if they were small moments.


“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.”

― Aristotle


To practice a guided gratitude exercise: Gratitude Meditation (Strengthen Happiness)

More resources for paying attention to positive experiences:



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