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Exercises You Can Do At Home

April 16, 2020

Even though things are different right now, everyone should still try to maintain physical fitness. Your physical wellbeing has a great impact on your mental wellbeing! LifeWays Wellness Coach, Chad Lige, has compiled a list of exercise videos for you to try at home!



💚 This link is a great overview of exercises people can do during COVID-19, as well as including links for additional resources.…

💚 This YouTube video is one best exercise videos for older individuals. Short and sweet, but enough to get your heartrate up and a sweat rolling.

💚 This is the same “silver sneakers” guy from the other video, but this one is focused on strength training. 30 minutes long and if you can grab soup cans or water bottles. That’s basically all that is needed.

💚 Tai Chi for Beginners. This will a perfect video for individuals who need help with balance.

💚 This video is a 10 minute Core exercise video, keeping participants in their chairs!

💚 The following videos are all meant to help you improve your balance, including strengthening your legs and core. They are all short workouts and can be done with a chair.

💚 Improve your Flexibility. These videos can be used as a warm up or a cool down. They will not only improve your flexibility, but can also improve your strength and balance.

💚 Lower to Moderate Intensity Workouts. These videos are all 20 minute long. They are short and sweet, and have great modifications, so anybody can do them.


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