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LifeWays Partners with Genoa Healthcare to Provide Onsite Consumer Medication Coordinators

LifeWays Partners with Genoa Healthcare to Provide Onsite Consumer Medication Coordinators

July 15, 2020

LifeWays is pleased to announce a new partnership with Genoa Healthcare to provide onsite Consumer Medication Coordinators (CMCs) at LifeWays!  

There will be one CMC available onsite in both the Jackson and Hillsdale offices to help consumers by reminding them to get lab work completed and coordinating medication related tasks or questions. 



The Consumer Medication Coordinator is a direct liaison with the Genoa pharmacy; the goal of a CMC is to deliver outstanding value to all our Consumers by improving the quality of life for individuals living with a mental illness through a higher level of pharmacy care. 

A CMC will provide the following services: 

  • Communicate with all consumers regarding the medication services available. 
  • Enroll consumers into the medication services. 
  • Facilitate the collection of prescriptions to be faxed to the pharmacy for dispensing. 
  • Ensure all consumers’ insurance information is up-to-date in the pharmacy system. 
  • Assist consumers with all their medication questions and ensure a prompt response to their questions. 
  • Adherence monitoring by contacting the consumer regularly to ensure adherence and determine refill needs. 
  • Prescription refill management by utilizing the “Refills Due Report” and contacting the appropriate prescriber to ensure timely refills are completed and dispensed to the consumer. 
  • Prior Authorization Assistance: Coordinating the Prior Authorization needs with the nurse and submitting PA forms when necessary. 
  • Medication delivery to LifeWays and mailed to consumers’ residences. 
  • Improved communication with prescriber, staff, and consumers. 

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