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LifeWays has a Provider Network of over 40 behavioral health providers that helps meet the needs of the people that we serve. This Provider Portal is designed as a hub for important information and documents for our providers. Click here for a full list of our providers(Updated 8/24/17)

Provider Meetings

1/10/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
12/13/16 - Minutes;  Attachments
2/14/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
3/14/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
4/11/17 - Minutes;  Attachments
5/9/17 - Minutes;  Attachments; Provider Kudos
6/13/17 - MinutesAttachments; Provider Kudos
7/11/17 - Minutes; Attachments
8/7/17 - Minutes; Attachments
9/12/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
10/10/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
11/14/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos
12/12/17 - Minutes; Attachments; Provider Kudos




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Process Alerts

The LifeWays Process Alert is a monthly publication that includes procedural changes and announcements important to LifeWays’ Network Providers and their staff.