LifeWays provides behavioral health services to residents of Jackson and Hillsdale counties with Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, or who are uninsured who also have a diagnosed severe mental illness, intellectual/developmental disability, substance use disorder, or co-occurring disorders. A wide variety of behavioral health treatment options are available through our Provider Network of over 40 behavioral health providers located locally and throughout Michigan.

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If you are unsure whether you might be eligible for services with us, here are some helpful tips for seeking out behavioral health assistance:

  • If you have private insurance (such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or Priority Health), call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask whether your insurance covers behavioral health services and what providers are in your network. You may also call Central Michigan 2-1-1 who can assist you in finding a provider that accepts your insurance.
  • If you have Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan, please call us at 517.789.1200 and our staff members will be happy to talk to you about the symptoms you are experiencing. They may do a screening with you over the phone or ask you to come in for an assessment.
  • If you do not have insurance, please call us at 517.789.1200 to discuss your symptoms and situation with our staff. We may even be able to help you apply for Medicaid or Healthy Michigan Plan.

Regardless of your insurance, if you are in crisis, are having suicidal thoughts, or are thinking of harming yourself or others, please call our 24-Hour Crisis Line at 1.888.284.8288 or visit our office during business hours. 

For a look at all of the services available through LifeWays and through the Mid-State Health Network, you can review our Guide to Services Handbook.

Customer Satisfaction Report

93% I like the services that I received.  

93% I was able to get all the services I thought I needed.        

95% Staff helped me obtain the information I needed so that I could take charge of managing my illness or disability. 

89% I, not staff, decide my treatment goals. 

94% Staff believed that I could grow, change and recover.

93% As a direct result of the services I received, I am better able to take care of myself.           

93% Staff was sensitive to my cultural/ethic background (ex. Race, religion, language, etc.).   

Community Perception Survey:

98% of respondents selected LifeWays and the Provider Network as being a well-known resource for mental health services in the community.

94% of respondents have an understanding of who LifeWays and the Provider Network serves and types of services offered to the community.

94% of respondents who know how to access LifeWays services for oneself or others.